Death Rains Down by Kevin McManus – Review

Death Rains Down takes readers on a thrilling adventure ride. Kevin McManus puts his all into Detective Ray Logue. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey Kevin took me on, and there is a whole lot of action in a short time. This novel is a perfect burst of adrenaline on a rainy afternoon.

A Cut for a Cut by Carol Wyer – Review

The second Detective Kate Young novel, A Cut For A Cut, takes readers on a painful journey. Once again, Carol Wyer brings a full range of emotions to her writing. The unspeakable acts taking place in these sleepy little villages break your heart.

Finding Home by Christy Cooper-Burnett – Review

My review of Finding Home, a multi-genre novel by Christy Cooper-Burnett. Government agents take exiled prisoners back in time as punishment for their white-collar crimes. But Christine Stewart is different. She goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Awakening: A Christmas Episode by C.S. Johnson – Review

If you loved The Starlight Chronicles, then this graphic novel version of Awakening: A Christmas Episode, will make a really fun addition to your collection. You can also try an win yourself a copy below!…

Where There is Smoke by Elisabeth Rose – Review

Where There is Smoke is an action-packed thriller, mystery, and romance all packed into one novel. Author Elisabeth Rose has delivered a fantastic standalone. The second novel of the Taylor’s Bend series has captured my heart and has turned me into a lifelong…