Hooverville by Kayla Joy – Review

Kayla Joy tells a stunning story in her newest novel, Hooverville. After reading, I have a new desire to study The Great Depression further. Joy’s research shows how dedicated she is to the story. Rarely is history the star of the show, but you find it here.

Dark Days for the Tobacco Girls by Lizzie Lane – Review

Lizzie Lane offers readers a glance of Bristol during WWII in her new novel, Dark Days for the Tobacco Girls. This book is the second volume in the Tobacco Girls series. It also works well as a standalone. I never felt lost because the author incorporates enough events from the first book.

From My Balcony to Yours by Nino Gugunishvili – Review

From My Balcony to Yours is another superb set of essays from Nino Gugunishvili. Nino’s feelings about the early months of the Coronavirus pandemic are universal in each of us. Her poignant insight looks right into your soul and commiserates with our fears.

Wyrd Gods by Susana Imaginário – Audiobook Review

Wyrd Gods by Susana Imaginário – Audiobook Review

Wyrd Gods is a real treat delivered by Susana Imaginário. This story combines an interesting mix of mythologies with fantasy. It is mythology told in a way I’ve never read before. In what universe will Olympian and Norse gods come together to fight a common enemy?

The Darlings by Angela Jackson – Review

The Darlings is one of those brilliant novels that make you think. How does your past affect your present? Angela Jackson tells us in a haunting tale of how a damaged soul continues on a path of destruction. How many lives must one destroy before he takes responsibility for his actions?

Red Blood by Kaitlyn Legaspi – Review

Kaitlyn Legaspi delivers an exciting new world full of magic and intrigue in her novel, Red Blood. This book is just the beginning of Legaspi’s new Card Holders series. So far, the magical world is impressive. The next installment comes out in the spring of 2022.

Search for the House of Dreams by Alison Burke – Review

Alison Burke delivers love, family, and deception in her new novel Search for the House of Dreams. This harrowing tale offers a look into the complexities of a broken family. Even though the events are distressing in the extreme, it was still compelling.