The Housekeeper of Thornhallow Hall by Lotte James – Review

I adore Harlequin Historical novels. They never disappoint. The Housekeeper of Thornhallow Hall by Lotte James is the latest in their lineup. This novel was everything I could have wanted in a historical romance. Lotte James wrote a heartwarming tale.

Lying with Lions by Annabel Fielding – Review

Annabel Fielding knocked me down with a feather in her newest novel, Lying with Lions. This incredible story takes readers on a journey through one woman’s desire to become better. But, how far will she go to become the best?

The Best Man by AS Kelly – Audiobook Review

The Best Man is a fine tale of long-burning love. A.S. Kelly wraps the reader in soft affection with some laughs along the way. When you throw in a witty grandpa and an adorable kid in the mix, you have yourself a mighty good story.

Jenn Reinvented by Grayson Avery – Review

Grayson Avery’s second foray into the Sweet Water Circle, with Jenn Reinvented, took me to new depths of feeling. The friends gathered and tried to set up a new direction for their wayward buddy. But, even with their humor and grace, I had a hard time with my emotions for this round.

Death Rains Down by Kevin McManus – Review

Death Rains Down takes readers on a thrilling adventure ride. Kevin McManus puts his all into Detective Ray Logue. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey Kevin took me on, and there is a whole lot of action in a short time. This novel is a perfect burst of adrenaline on a rainy afternoon.

Rayna’s Sacrifice by A.D. Lombardo – Review

Rayna’s Sacrifice is an excellent third novel in the Katori Chronicles series by A.D. Lombardo. The Half-Light hooked me. Mariana’s Secret felt like a whirlwind. Now, Rayna’s Sacrifice brings them both together in a completely different way.

A Cut for a Cut by Carol Wyer – Review

The second Detective Kate Young novel, A Cut For A Cut, takes readers on a painful journey. Once again, Carol Wyer brings a full range of emotions to her writing. The unspeakable acts taking place in these sleepy little villages break your heart.