Every Word Unsaid by Kimberly Duffy – Review

Every Word Unsaid is an uplifting and memorable novel about maturing and finding your place in the world. Kimberly Duffy does an amazing job penning this tale and building characters you adore. This story reminds me a lot of myself because the act of maturing, regardless of age, is a heady and indescribable feeling, yet Duffy does it well with Gussie.

Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna by Alda P. Dobbs – Review

Alda Dobbs brings Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna to life with brilliant imagery and a harrowing tale of love, loss, and immeasurable strength. Based on the true story of Alda’s grandmother and great-grandmother, Barefoot Dreams brings the Mexican Revolution to life in a way that I would never be able to understand. I live a life of privilege by never having had to go through something as horrible as this.

The Book of Uriel by Elyce Hoffman – Review

The Book of Uriel is a fiction masterpiece. Elyce Hoffman tells a poignant yet heartbreaking story of a little boy who saves the Jewish people from the Nazis during WWII. Uriel’s triumphs will become your guiding light through this touching tale. 

No Child of Mine by Olga Gibbs – Review

No Child of Mine is a thrilling ride through an unimaginable world. This world was so believable that it’s possible to see it in my mind’s eye as a possible future. Olga Gibbs’ writing had me enthralled with each new chapter. The whole story is heartwrenching while still being realistic.

The Inns of Devonshire by Sally Britton, Annette Lyon, & Deborah M. Hathaway – Review

The Inns of Devonshire is a fascinating compilation of three historical romances set at inns located in Devonshire. Each one has its own style and sense of prose. Sally Britton, Annette Lyon, and Deborah M. Hathaway show flair with a pen. While each portion tells a different story, they all come together to make you feel special.

Hoglets’ Christmas Magic by Lynette Creswell – Review

Lynette Creswell brings a hedgehog family to life in Hoglet’s Christmas Magic. It is indeed full of magic. The family brings a sweetness that resonates with so many during the Christmas holidays. I adore how Santa falls into the narrative. His appearance was unexpected yet delightful.

Fire and Fury for the Tobacco Girls by Lizzie Lane – Review

Lizzie Lane is back again with the newest installment in the Tobacco Girls series. Fire and Fury for the Tobacco Girls have the girls right in the midst of WWII. Watching the familiar characters live through the realities of war was fascinating.

George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley by Helen Fox – Review

Helen Fox gives readers of all ages a delightful tale of cute animals and magic. George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley is a bit of a mouthful. But the story is imaginative and entertaining. I loved every character, even the baddies.