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NS Ford delivers suspense by the droves in her novel; We Watch You. Just when you think the end is near, another wallop of drama hits you in the face. You couldn’t ask for more in a thriller full of unique characters.

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  • Title: We Watch You
  • Author: NS Ford
  • Publisher: Self-Published on October 1, 2021
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Pages: 322
  • Formats Available: Paperback & Digital
  • Rating: 3/5

Trigger Warnings: Graphic Violence, Talk of Suicide, Kidnapping, Murder, Drugs

Many thanks to NS Ford for providing me with a digital copy of We Watch You with a request for an honest review. Also thanks to The Write Reads on Tour for having me on this tour and providing the materials to build this post.

About We Watch You


A small English town is rocked by the disappearance of a local woman, Tina. As the search continues, someone is targeting her former best friends for revenge. Lauren, Jess, Claire. They all hide secrets. Who knows what they did? Who’s watching them? The truth is stranger and far more sinister than they can ever imagine.

A dark, twisty thriller which will grip you until the very last page.

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My Review

Lauren, Jess, Claire, and Tina are best friends all through school. One night at a party, the other girls find out Tina is not who they think she is. This discovery leads all four girls on a spiral staircase of trouble well into adulthood. What Jess, Claire, and Lauren find entertaining, Tina finds a trap she can’t escape. But, who pulls the strings? When Tina goes missing, everyone involved will soon find out, and it isn’t what anyone expects. Will the girls make it through alive?


There is not a single likable character in this entire book, but that’s what makes it work. Autistic Lauren knows she’s wrong but keeps up appearances. Jess is appalling. Claire is even more appalling than Jess. I felt somewhat sorry for Tina, but even she wasn’t great. However, the dynamic of the four of them together worked well. The fact that they are awful people makes this story work in a way that I never expected.


The setting reminds me of a village town full of dark tales in the night. Alleys are spooky places, but the homes are all white picket fences and cotton candy. This juxtaposition of views makes for a thrilling ride. The secret sex parties, drug dealers, abusive women, and psychopaths make it insane. NS Ford built this world well.

Further Thoughts

I must say that this book was a surefire five-star read for me until I made it to the end, and the last chapter made my head spin around like a horror film. I found the ending so ridiculous that I went back and reread to make sure I had it right. Unfortunately, this ending made me wonder what I had spent so much time reading. But, dear friends, this is only my opinion. I have it from many of my blogging cohorts that they adored the ending and what made the book for them. So, with this one, you will have to read it for yourself, then be the ultimate judge.

Wrapping Up

I award We Watch You 3.5 stars for being both brilliant and unsatisfying. I do wish you would all read this one. Dave from The Write Reads rarely steers us wrong, but this one got me. I would love nothing more than to hear your opinions on this novel. Read it for free on Kindle Unlimited, and then come back to let me know what you think.

3 Star Review

About the Author – NS Ford

NS Ford Author Image - We Watch You

NS Ford is a book fanatic, blogger, and cat lover who lives in the UK with her family. She has a First Class degree in English. When not reading or blogging, she juggles her writing time with parenting, working in heritage, and playing the piano.

Author’s Contact Links: Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon

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