Goodness Gracious Golly Gee has the best rhythm. This rhyming children’s book by Carol and Cori Burcham is perfect for kids and adults alike. The concept has a message that parents the world over can relate to.

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  • Title: Goodness Gracious Golly Gee: I Forgot My Christmas Tree!
  • Author: Carol & Cori Burcham
  • Publisher: Mascot Kids on December 7, 2021
  • Genre: Children’s Picture Book
  • Pages: 38
  • Formats Available: Hardback & Digital
  • Rating: 5/5

Trigger Warnings: None

Many thanks to Carol and Cori Burcham for providing me with a PDF copy of Goodness Gracious Golly Gee with a request for an honest review.

About Goodness Gracious Golly Gee: I Forgot My Christmas Tree!

Goodness Gracious Golly Gee: I Forgot My Christmas Tree! follows one father’s journey as he scrambles to prepare for Christmas festivities. Like most adults during the holiday season, the father is overwhelmed by the many expectations that come with Christmas and worries he won’t be ready in time for Santa’s arrival. Will his family, not to mention Jolly Old St. Nick, be disappointed if there’s no Christmas tree? In this whimsical, rhyming Christmas tale, the father learns to manage his holiday-related anxiety with the help of a mysterious, magical Christmas figure who reminds him of the true spirit of Christmas.

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My Review

Dad is so busy taking care of the house and home that he completely forgets to decorate for Christmas. He forgets the presents too. There is so much to do every day that it slips his mind till the last minute. Dad worries that Santa will be upset with him for not showing Christmas cheer, but it’s too late to fix it now. Will Santa bellow and ache, or will he chuckle and shake?

This story shines a bright light on a struggle that is all too common in our society. Families are always on the move. There is no time to sit and breathe while parents work tirelessly in or out of the home, and the kids’ activities fill the schedule. This book gives us is the gift to say that this stuff isn’t important. Take some time and enjoy each other. 

I think we can all use this advice right about now. I award Goodness Gracious Golly Gee a full 5 out of 5 stars. The illustrations are beautiful and go with the words perfectly. I recommend this little book to all families everywhere. Take some slow breaths and enjoy each other this holiday season.

5 Star Review

About the Authors – Carol & Cori Burcham

Carol and Cori Burcham Author Image - Goodness Gracious Golly Gee

Carol Burcham is a former elementary school teacher who taught kindergarten and first grade for fourteen years. She was inspired to write her own children’s book after reading picture books in her classes. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Early Childhood Education.

Cori Burcham is an aspiring novelist and a graduate from the University of Delaware with a degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Cori’s short story “The  Pocket Watch” is published in the University of Delaware’s literary magazine, Caesura. She  wrote two comic books for the education initiative known as “The Ese’Eja Graphic Novel Project.” She is currently a freelance journalist.

Authors’ Contact Links: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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