The Nina and Natalie writing team delivers a bang-up of a rom-com in Rejected Goddesses. The friendships and the humor will have you laughing right out loud. Well, more like snorting right out loud. The duo of Cat and Robyn gets up to some pretty hilarious hijinks that will keep readers entertained for days.

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  • Title: Rejected Goddesses
  • Author: Nina Holmes & Natalie Watson
  • Publisher: Self Published on December 17, 2021
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Pages: 149
  • Formats Available: Paperback & Digital
  • Rating: 5/5

Trigger Warnings: Unwanted Sexual Advances

Many thanks to Nina and Natalie for providing me with a digital ARC copy of Rejected Goddesses with a request for an honest review.

About Rejected Goddesses

“Every woman is a rejected goddess at some point in her life … but it’s okay to be rejected as long as you feel like a Goddess.”— Robyn Ryan and Cat Romano.

I’m Robyn Ryan.
I’m thirtyish, and I’m a third-generation caffeinated Irish. I’m a journalist turned baker on the verge of bankruptcy. I’m a mommy to a dog with a huge attitude.
My personal life sucks.

I’m Catarina Romano, shortly Cat.
I’m thirtyish, and I’m a third-generation fiery-tempered Italian with a nuclear explosive and overprotective family.
I’m a notorious male-basher. No wonder I’m single.
I’m also an author of the worst seller “Italian Connections.”

We are two best friends in a temporary rut of our lives in Mystic Oak, MA.

Can our ginormous dreams come true in the smallest town on earth?

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My Review

Cat and Robyn are best friends and have been close since childhood. When their adventure in the big city leads them to heartache, they head home to Mystic Oak. Neither woman lives the life they expected to live, but they find themselves content in their situations. Robyn runs her late grandmother’s bakery and mom to a stray dog that snuck into her heart. Cat wrote a novel that ranks at the bottom of all scales and spends her daytime hours working for a jerk of a boss. These fiercely independent friends need nothing more in their lives, but what happens when love finds them? Will they succumb to pretty boys, or will they crack open the scotch and send them on their merry way?

These friends stick together like glue, and it’s rare to find a female friendship that doesn’t center around finding men or turning catty. Cat has a wildness to her that makes you instantly fall in love with her. Her wild hair mixed with her sarcastic sense of humor makes her the girl of my dreams. Robyn comes off as more serious, but she strikes me as the adorable girl next door. Robyn doesn’t have a lot of the everyday fire that Cat has. However, when pushed, Robyn will rip your hair right out.

The boys, you ask? They were both fairly meh to me. One needs to get his head out of his butt. The other needs to take stock of his emotions. Both rankled my angry streak, but luckily, they both turned out to be good guys. I am just glad that Cat nor Robyn took their crap lying down. They put themselves first and took stock of jerky behavior. They deserve a great round of applause for that.

There is something special about this novella.

Having two main characters gave me two different stories in one. We have your classic enemies to lover trope, but we also have the old crush turns new love trope as well. The love stories work well yet are as different as night and day. That was very refreshing and so much fun to read. I would love to read more about these girls. If Nina and Natalie ever wanted to turn this into a series, I would be okay with that.

This romance isn’t completely clean, but it doesn’t rank high on the steam-o-meter either. It has the perfect mix of sexual energy with clean old fun. One part had me laughing so hard that I had my daily Dunkin’ shooting out of my nose. I could picture it so clearly in my head, and definitely not what I would imagine one of our heroines to get up to.

I award Rejected Goddesses a full 5 out of 5 stars. This novella makes for a great evening of reading. The novella is fast and hilarious, which makes for a winning combination. I recommend this romance to contemporary romance fans. I don’t usually enjoy modern romance novels, but this one is really wonderful, a rom-com for the ages.

5 Star Review

About the Author – Nina Holmes & Natalie Watson

Natalie Watson and Nina Holmes are pen names of 2 author besties, who teamed up for a Rom-Com Novella #Rejected Goddesses. Both are TV personalities and have been working in the Television and Film industry for years.

Contact Links: Twitter | Instagram

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