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The Christmas Makeover is one of the sweetest books ever. Susan Lute’s small-town atmosphere coupled with endearing characters makes for some great light reading. Both features would be a perfect combination on their own, but throwing in a Christmas theme turns this novel into a classic happy read.

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  • Title: The Christmas Makeover (Angel Point – Book 3)
  • Author: Susan Lute
  • Publisher: Tule Publishing on October 6, 2020
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Pages: 230
  • Formats Available: Paperback & Digital
  • Rating: 4/5

Trigger Warnings: None

Many thanks to Susan Lute for providing me with a digital copy of The Christmas Makeover with a request for an honest review. Thanks also to Goddess Fish Promotions for inviting me on this tour and providing me with the materials for this post.

About The Christmas Makeover

He’s ready for the lights…

Baker Grant Reed loves discovering new Christmas recipes, making people smile, and Angel Point—not necessarily in that order. But when his editor turns down his proposal for a Christmas cookbook, he must show her how serious he is about becoming the premier pastry chef in the country. He turns to his best friend, Faith—if anyone can give him a complete makeover that will turn heads, she can.

She knows how to make things sparkle…

In her past, Faith Hathaway was a costume designer for some of Broadway’s most prestigious plays. Now, after moving to Angel Point to help her grandfather, she owns and operates a vintage boutique and helps out at the local theater. When Grant asks for a makeover, she’s torn—she loves him the way he is, mismatched socks and all.

In exchange, he promises to show Faith, who has never enjoyed the holiday season, the magic of an Angel Point Christmas. But as the two grow closer, Grant can’t help but wonder…has he got his Christmas wish all wrong?

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My Review

Faith left a big-time job on Broadway to move to Angel Point in the Pacific Northwest. Faith’s grandfather needs a hand after breaking his leg, so Faith makes a new life in the small town. Faith takes over her grandfather’s business and becomes best friends with the local baker. Grant, baker extraordinaire, provides Faith with fresh pastries and coffee each morning as friends do. But, as the days move on, Grant and Faith begin to realize their feelings may mean more than friendship. Unfortunately, there are several obstacles in their way. Will Grant and Faith ever move forward or live forevermore in the friend zone?

Faith is a fantastic character. She has spunk and a deep love of fried apple fritters. How can you not love someone with this level of desire for yummy pastries? Of course, Grant bakes the fritters, making him just as loveable. Then, we have Stuart and Esther, grandparents of Faith and Grant, respectively. They are on the path to love as well. Both couples are absolutely adorable, and it was such fun reading about them. 

The town of Angel Point exudes charm like no other town I’ve read about before.

The setting is right out of a Hallmark movie, and the window displays and Christmas walk are exactly the kinds of activities I wish I could experience. I would also really love to take in the Eleanor Scrooge play that Belle puts on. That story sounds like an excellent adaptation of A Christmas Carol, and I wish that Susan Lute would write that story. I would pick that up in a heartbeat.

However, I had a hard time getting into the foil in this novel. Tara isn’t enough of a threat to be believable. The job offer is also not that exciting, and the makeover holds no water. I would love this story with just the angst of the friends-to-lovers idea. If there needs to be additional angst, I would like to see a more fleshed-out plotline.

I award The Christmas Makeover 4 out of 5 stars. The book is sweet and is perfect for a weekend of sentimental reading. I feel much happier this Christmas season after reading this novel. Of course, I am a lover of all things saccharine-sweet Christmas traditions. If you are looking for a pick-me-up, this book will give you all the feels to enjoy the season.

4 Star Review

Excerpt of The Christmas Makeover

“Don’t wait too long to decorate. The mayor is having a Christmas window display contest. The winner will get an angel trophy. Wouldn’t it be great if we were the first winner to display the trophy for the whole year?”

Boxes of decorations in the storeroom were stacked as high as the ceiling. All Faith could see was her granddad falling off a ladder and breaking his leg again. “I’ll get it done. I promise.”

“I’m sure Grant will help. That boy loves Christmas,” Esther said with a sweet smile before following Stuart out of the shop.

Faith rolled her eyes. This wasn’t the first time Esther had made up an excuse to throw her and Grant together. It probably wouldn’t be the last, either, which should have bothered her but didn’t. What was a teeny-tiny crush between friends, anyway? Still—

“Maybe that’s not a bad idea,” she said to the now-empty store. Grant was decent, kind, and responsible. Look at how he took care of his grandma, though Faith was pretty sure Esther would protest loudly if she had an inkling of his subtle oversight. 

And if there was a moment here and there when Faith wondered what it would be like to have his complete, undivided attention, no woman worth her salt would blame her for the tiny tremors that made her heart unstable whenever he tempted her with one of his experimental pastries. 

Grant, with his neon shirts and mismatched socks, made sense to her. If they weren’t such good friends, she’d fall for him in a hot New York minute.

Susan Lute

About the Author – Susan Lute

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Susan is an award-winning author of contemporary romance, women’s fiction, and dystopian romance. Like all children of military families, she spent her childhood moving from one duty station to the next. She likes to say she is first and foremost a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer, and novelist. These days, when not working as a Registered Nurse, she remodels her house and writes whenever she can.

Author’s Contact Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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  1. Thank you for hosting The Christmas Makeover! Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year–decorating the tree, setting up the Hogwarts train underneath the tree, hanging wreaths. Unfortunately, my baking specialty is not apple fritters (I tried while writing The Christmas Makeover), it’s Swedish Tea Ring, which I make every year for the holidays. I loved writing Grant and Faith’s story. We all hope you have a very magical holiday 🙂

    1. Okay Susan, now I must have some of this Swedish Tea Ring. My mouth watered the whole time I read about those fritters. Of course, the cupcakes that the little guy loved also sounded delicious. I also wouldn’t turn down the cookies. Okay, now I have to go and get a snack. Thanks for your kind words Susan. I adored Grant and Faith. Stuart and Esther are fantastic too. It was like getting two love stories in one, and I do have an affinity for old folks falling in love. 🙂

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