M.J. Mallon’s newest novel, Bloodstone, from the Curse of Time series, offers all the fantasy elements you could want in a YA novel. Today, I offer a spotlight post about the new publication.

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  • Title: Bloodstone (The Curse of Time – Book 1)
  • Author: M.J. Mallon
  • Publisher: Next Chapter (2nd Edition) on June 22, 2021
  • Genre: YA Fantasy
  • Pages: 292
  • Formats Available: Hardback, Paperback, & Digital
  • Rating: N/A

Trigger Warnings: Self-Harm, Teen Domestic Abuse

Many thanks to MJ Mallon for providing me with a copy of Bloodstone. I would also like to thank Blackberry Book Tours for providing the materials to write this post.

About Bloodstone

I didn’t think my life could get weirder, but I was wrong…

Fifteen-year-old Amelina Scott lives in Cambridge with her dysfunctional family, a mysterious black cat, and an unusual girl who is imprisoned within the mirrors located in her house.

When an unexpected message arrives inviting her to visit the Crystal Cottage, she sets off on a forbidden path where she encounters Ryder: a charismatic, perplexing stranger.

With the help of a magical paint set and some crystal wizard stones, can Amelina discover the truth about her family?

A unique, imaginative mystery full of magic-wielding and dark elements, Bloodstone is a riveting adventure for anyone interested in fantasy, mythology, or the world of the paranormal.

The 2nd book in the series, Golden Healer – The Curse of Time Book 2, is coming soon.

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About the Author – M.J. Mallon

My alter ego is MJ – Mary Jane from Spiderman. I love superheroes!

M J Mallon was born in Lion city Singapore, a passionate Scorpio with the Chinese Zodiac sign of a lucky rabbit. She spent her early childhood in Hong Kong. During her teen years, she returned to her father’s childhood home, Edinburgh where she spent many happy years, entertained and enthralled by her parents’ vivid stories of living and working abroad. Perhaps it was during these formative years that her love of writing began inspired by their vivid storytelling. She counts herself lucky to have traveled to many far-flung destinations and this early wanderlust has fuelled her present desire to emigrate abroad. Until that wondrous moment, it’s rumoured that she lives in the UK, in the Venice of Cambridge with her six-foot hunk of a rock god husband. Her two enchanting daughters have flown the nest but often return with a cheery, heart-warming smile to greet her.

MJ’s writing credits also include a multi-genre approach: paranormal, best-selling horror, supernatural short stories, flash fiction, and poetry.  he has worked with some amazing authors and bloggers compiling an anthology/compilation set during the early stages of COVID-19 entitled This Is Lockdown and later she wrote a spin-off poetry collection, Lockdown Innit.

She’s been blogging for many moons at her blog home Kyrosmagica, (which means Crystal Magic,) where she celebrates the spiritual realm, her love of nature, crystals, and all things magical, mystical, and mysterious.

MJ’s motto is:

To always do what you love, stay true to your heart’s desires, and inspire others to do so too, even if it appears that the odds are stacked against you like black-hearted shadows.

Her favourite genre to write is:

Fantasy/magical realism because life would be dull unless it is sprinkled with a liberal dash of extraordinarily imaginative magic!

Author’s Contact Links: Website | Twitter | Instagram

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