• Title: The House on the Water’s Edge
  • Author: CE Rose
  • Publisher: Hera Books on April 11, 2021
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller
  • Pages: 268
  • Formats Available: Digital
  • Rating: 4/5

Trigger Warnings: Murder, Suicide, Thoughts of Child Harm, Death of a Child

Many thanks to CE Rose for providing me with a copy of The House on the Water’s Edge with a request for an honest review. Also, thanks to Zooloo’s Book Tours for inviting me to the tour and providing me with the content for this post.

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About The House on the Water’s Edge

Ali is a new mum, struggling to cope. Starved of sleep, plagued with phantoms and fears from childhood, she is a woman on the edge, light years from the polished professional barrister she has worked so hard to become. 

Then her mother dies, suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving Ali an orphan. Haunted by the loss of both her parents, Ali cannot get her mother’s last words out of her head: ‘There is something I need to tell you…’ 

Heading back to the Norfolk Broads to sort her mother’s things, Ali is plunged into childhood memories of her picture-perfect summers on the river. But as she starts to uncover long-buried secrets, she is drawn into a dark web that threatens to destroy all she thought she knew about her family – and her very sanity. Ali is forced to decide: how much does she really want to know?

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My Review

The House on the Water’s Edge packs a real punch to the psyche. There is one surprise after another in this tantalizing tome by CE Rose. The characters feel like living, breathing people. They will leave you thinking long after you finish.

Ali Baker struggles with life as a new mom after a life-threatening pregnancy. Baby Joe suffers from colic, and Ali can’t even go to the bathroom without tremendous pain. It is reasonable that Ali isn’t herself. Her husband lives in his own ego and won’t bother to help out with the baby or the house’s upkeep. When Ali’s life gets spun all around after the surprising death of her mother, she feels lost. After much deliberation and a humiliating evening, Ali packs up and heads to her mother’s home. When she arrives, nothing protects her from the secrets of her childhood. The problem is, will she lose everything when the secrets come to light?

Ali’s character reminds me of a broken doll. She carries so much trauma in her mind that she blocks it all out. Ali suffered from one psychological break and is on the verge of another. But, when she gets to The Lodge, things take a turn. Ali begins to feel somewhat normal again thanks to the help of the mysterious gardener.

George is the gardener in question, and I loved his character the most. He is the strong, silent type. But, he has secrets of his own that include Ali and the rest of her family. George also suffers from inescapable loss. 

The setting of this book takes place on watery shores. It is both beautiful and haunting. I never felt sure whether I should be afraid or thrilled to be amongst so much beauty. The village sounds delightful, though everyone knows everyone else’s business. But, the spooky goings-on were on no one’s radar.

I struggled through the first half of the book. It had a slow start and became a bit monotonous, but when the secrets started to flow, boy did my heart start pounding. The illicit responses of George and Ali and how their story would play out were predictable. However, the rest of the secrets completely threw me for a loop. I had no idea what was happening, and it was a lot to take in. So, with a slow beginning and anxiety-riddled ending, I never felt comfortable. Yet, the book will stay with me for a long time.

I award The House on the Water’s Edge 4 out of 5 stars. The suspense will knock you off your feet and keep you down for the foreseeable future. If you love psychological thrillers, this one will make you happy.

About the Author – CE Rose

Caroline is a psychological thriller writer living in Manchester. She likes to write multi-layered, dark and edgy domestic suspense stories that delve into complicated relationships, secrets, lies, loves and the moral grey area. She admits to a slight obsession with the human psyche, what goes on behind closed doors and beneath people’s façades. She also enjoys performing a literary sleight of hand in her novels and hopefully surprising her readers.

Author Contact Links: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website

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