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  • Title: The Barrister and the Letter of Marque
  • Author: Todd M. Johnson
  • Publisher: Bethany House Publishers on August 3, 2021
  • Genre: Historical Mystery
  • Pages: 407
  • Formats Available: Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook, & Digital
  • Rating: 5/5

Trigger Warnings: Murder, Animal Killing, Child Abuse

Many thanks to Todd M. Johnson for providing me with a paperback copy of The Barrister and the Letter of Marque with a request for an honest review. I also wish to thank Laurel Ann from austenprose for allowing me to participate in this tour and for providing me with all the materials needed to make this post.

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About The Barrister and the Letter of Marque

As a barrister in 1818 London, William Snopes has witnessed firsthand the danger of only the wealthy having their voices heard, and he’s a strong advocate who defends the poorer classes against the powerful. That changes the day a struggling heiress, Lady Madeleine Jameson, arrives at his door.

In a last-ditch effort to save her faltering estate, Lady Jameson invested in a merchant brig, the Padget. The ship was granted a rare privilege by the king’s regent: a Letter of Marque authorizing the captain to seize the cargo of French traders operating illegally in the Indian Sea. Yet when the Padget returns to London, her crew is met by soldiers ready to take possession of their goods and arrest the captain for piracy. And the Letter—-the sole proof his actions were legal—has mysteriously vanished.

Moved by the lady’s distress, intrigued by the Letter, and goaded by an opposing solicitor, Snopes takes the case. But as he delves deeper into the mystery, he learns that the forces arrayed against Lady Jameson, and now himself, are even more perilous than he’d imagined.

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My Review

The Barrister and the Letter of Marque is an exceptional Sherlock Holmes-esque mystery. It will enthrall readers from every walk of life. Todd M. Johnson nails it with his first foray into historical mystery. The intrigue and suspense leave readers begging for more.

William Snopes has a falling out with his aristocratic father, leaving him on his own at the tender age of 18. Alone, he makes his way as a barrister with a flair for the dramatic in the courtroom. He vows never to take on cases of the wealthy. That is until Lady Jameson makes an appearance at his office doorstep. Lady Jameson shrouds herself in mystery. But makes her case to Mr. Snopes anyway hoping that he will find her cousin, Harold. Arrested for piracy, Harold maintains his innocence. Lady Jameson wants to make sure he is set free. But, can William perform his magic with this case and ensure an innocent man lives to tell his tale?

William Snopes is a man after my own heart. He fights for the little man with unorthodox methods in the courtroom. He saves lives as only a barrister can. William is sloppy and in desperate need of a maid. He even goes to extreme lengths to avoid putting the kettle on for a fresh cup of tea in the morning. For all these reasons, I love William. If only I were Lady Jameson.

Madeleine, Lady Jameson, was harder to like. But, after a time, she became endearing as well. Her prideful manner and insistence on keeping secrets made me dislike her. However, after certain events, I felt the strong urge to protect her, mostly from herself. Readers later learn Madeleine’s struggle to keep all the balls in the air at the same time. 

This book takes place in the seedier side of London. There is very little time spent on estates and in ballrooms. I came to enjoy reading about the docks on the Thames and the back alley goings-on. Though, all I wanted to do was to hug the poor kids caught up in the nastiness that the bad side of town brings. I needed to save them all.

It pleases me to award The Barrister and the Latter of Marque a full 5 out of 5 stars. I wish the ending were different, but that is my own heart speaking. In truth, the ending turned out perfect for William. I read this entire 407-page book in two days. I didn’t want to put it down. Even with the chunkiness, it felt like a quick read. I wish a sequel would come of this one. I can see this being an entertaining series if the author wished it to be so.

I recommend this lovely mystery to anyone who has a love of Sherlock Holmes. The historical aspect of this novel sets it apart from its contemporary counterparts. But, as my faithful readers know, historical tomes will always reach my heart. Go ahead and pick this one up and give it a try. I bet you will fall in love just the same as I did.

About the Author – Todd M. Johnson

Todd M. Johnson is the author of three legal thrillers: The Deposit Slip (2012), Critical Reaction (2013), and Fatal Trust (2017), and The Barrister and the Letter of Marque (2021), his first foray into historical mystery. He has been a practicing attorney for over 30 years, specializing as a trial lawyer. A graduate of Princeton University and the University of Minnesota Law School, he also taught for two years as adjunct professor of International Law and served as a US diplomat in Hong Kong. He lives outside Minneapolis, Minnesota, with his wife and daughter.

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