• Title: Rayna’s Sacrifice (The Katori Chronicles – Book 3)
  • Author: A.D. Lombardo
  • Publisher: Nichols INK on March 15, 2020
  • Genre: YA Fantasy
  • Pages: 286
  • Formats Available: Paperback & Digital
  • Rating: 4/5

Trigger Warnings: Graphic Violence, Gun Violence, Bullying

Many thanks to A.D. Lombardo and Blackberry Book Tours for providing me with a digital copy of Rayna’s Sacrifice with a request for an honest review.

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Rayna’s Sacrifice Blurb

Locked in a battle against the Katori Guardians, Kai, the headstrong Prince of Diu, must fight to claim his birthright, but gaining access to his magic will not be easy. In an epic struggle, he lays everything on the line to gain the power he needs to search for his mother, Mariana. With Rayna, the love of his life, by his side, he fights for the life he never knew he wanted.

When Kai meets his long-lost grandfather, Lucca, he realizes that Lucca has very different plans for Mariana’s fate. Their lack of trust soon puts them at odds, but when it comes time to test his will against that of his powerful grandfather, will Kai be able to control his newfound abilities? And how could he have foreseen his choices would put him on a collision course with his murderous father, Keegan?

Caught up in a magical life, Rayna must discover her own identity and the range of her new powers. Although her adopted parents gave her everything, she always wanted to know where she came from. While finding her sister gave her comfort, coming face to face with her mother may not be all she hoped. With Keegan hot on their heels, Rayna does the unthinkable and may suffer the consequences.

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My Review

Rayna’s Sacrifice is an excellent third novel in the Katori Chronicles series by A.D. Lombardo. The Half-Light hooked me. Mariana’s Secret felt like a whirlwind. Now, Rayna’s Sacrifice brings them both together in a completely different way.

Kai and Rayna follow the path into the Katori Mountains. But, they struggle for their place in the Katori world. The elders don’t want them making the journey nearly impossible for the duo to make it through. Luckily, Kai and Rayna have friends on their side to help them. Once they get there, they face more difficulty. But the duo thrives despite the negative forces working against them. However, Kai and Rayna face off against one of the elders. But, in the end, they must band together to fight Kai’s birth father.

I adore Kai’s character. He is headstrong but with good intentions. He isn’t as flighty in this novel as he was in Mariana’s Secret. Rayna is an absolute joy to read. Her kindness shows in every move she makes. The two of them together are like sunbeams on a summer day. They shine so brightly.

From the other novels, I didn’t know what to expect from the Katori mountains. I knew they were beautiful from what Kendra and Haygan shared with Kai. Unfortunately, the elders weren’t likable. So, when Kai and Rayna started on their way, I was of two minds. I wanted them to hurry through the trials of the mountainside. Yet afraid for them to get through because of the disdain they would face. And, I was right. The gorgeous villages full of lush greenness and the rivers took my breath away. But, one elder, in particular, treated Kai like trash. But, in the end, things worked out as best as they could in the situation.

I had a small problem with this novel. The pacing is a bit uneven. Some parts slogged through, such as when Kai and Rayna were climbing the mountain. The grave peril and excitement that should have my heart racing did the opposite. There were too many extraneous details that slowed things down for me. It happens again when the duo practices their new magic in the village. The whole novel sort of sits there, unmoving. The action at the end engages the reader as the fight to find Mariana gets moving. 

So, while the first novel made me fall in love with the story, the second and third had pacing issues. The second confused me with the speed of every event, yet this one slogged a bit. There is one more book in the series, and I hope that it wraps everything up in a neat little bow. 

I award Rayna’s Sacrifice 4 out of 5 stars. I encourage you to read this series. The whole thing is like nothing I’ve read before. The uniqueness of the stories is enough to get me to recommend them to you. I hope that if you do pick them up, you let me know what you think.

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About the Author – A. D. Lombardo

Angela Lombardo was born in Akron, Ohio, raised on a farm by her grandparents who sacrificed a great deal to give her and her brother a good life. Public school came as a complete culture shock after attending a small Christian private school.

She loves animals, the country life and is still a tomboy at heart. You can take her off the bobcat, but you’ll never get her to enjoy the city. She dabbled in playing the piano, playing sports and fishing.

Her love of comics started with Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Being a Trekkie and a BMX rider, Angela did not have many girlfriends or time for makeup. She spent most of her time with her older brother crashing dirt bikes and three-wheelers. As a teenager, her grandmother sent her to Barbizon to teach her how to be a proper girl. She is fortunate she had a son.

Angela started writing The Half-Light in fall 2017 after a sleepless night gave her pause about the mother in a made-up story she created for her son. She spent the weekend solving the mystery of where the mother went.

Author’s Contact Links: Facebook | Website | Twitter

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