Hi friends! I’m back with a Top 10 Tuesday. It’s been a while since I posted one, but I want to get back into them more often. They are so much fun! I hope you enjoy my Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Reading.

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Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Reading

1. Losing myself in another world

Every time I pick up a book, I am transported to another time or place. Being a homebody that rarely leaves home, I am able to travel anywhere I want. I’ve been to space, Narnia, the wizarding world, and so many more.

2. Meeting new people

The ability to get to know new people with the opening of a book is the most fun things in the world. I don’t have many real life friends so getting to know the characters in books, I feel like I have millions of friends.

3. Learning something new

Whether I am reading fiction or non-fiction, I always learn something new. I might learn a new history fact or how to eat gelato in Italy. No matter what I pick up, there is always something new to learn.

4. Diversity

I love expanding my worldview by reading books about diverse cultures. I’ve learned a lot about other cultures through my reading. I’ve read books about the Black experience, as well as the beauty of India. I grew up in an area where diversity is unknown. It was very white and, frankly, racist. By immersing myself in books, I feel like my mind is more open to learning about people who are not like me, and it is refreshing.

5. The variety of reading platforms

Who doesn’t love the feel and original smell of a paper and ink? Being able to hold a physical book in my hand makes me happy. Though, an e-book is quite handy when I want to read in bed. The ability to read in the dark has proven very popular among members of my household. Then you have the art of the audiobook. If you are lucky enough to choose a book with an excellent narrator, you are in the presence of greatness. I love listening to an audiobook while I play with yarn or cleaning the house.

6. My imagination gets a workout

I love how lots of people can read the same book, yet no one reads the same book. In my imagination, I create the pictures in my mind. I love the pictures in my head when I read.

7. Nostalgia

My favorite books are historical. I get to live the lives of my grandparents when I read about WWII or the Great Depression. Other times, I am reminded of my own life growing up, or how my parents lived through the 60’s. Of course, there is nostalgia from learning about the history of time periods that my ancestors experienced. You never know where you are going to go or who you are going to meet.

8. Reading reduces my stress levels

By traveling to other worlds helps me forget my troubles. I get to leave my life for awhile which helps bring my anxiety levels down to manageable pieces.

9. Builds my vocabulary

Growing up I had a well developed vocabulary which I owe to reading. This love of words brings me new words with every book. I may not always pronounce them correctly, but I know them when I see them.

10. Passing on the love of words

I love reading to children. Having them sit on my lap while I help them get lost in another world are the happiest moments in my life. My children and now my grandchildren love the written word, and coming from a family of readers, there is no better feeling in the world.

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  1. Diversity is a good one! I’ve always loved reading, but I feel like I’ve really broadened my horizon after joining the book blogging community. Like, I’ve just realized how diverse books can be! Loving the post ?

    1. Thank you lovely! I’ve grown so much since becoming a book blogger. I used to be pretty vanilla about my reading choices, but since joining the book community, I’ve read about more cultures than I ever thought I could. It’s a real eye-opener.

  2. Great list of reasons. I especially liked your #2 reason. I’m the same, my friends are mostly in my books! I like the way you expressed this. Thanks!

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