Happy Sunday! It’s been a good week here in my part of the world. It is getting close to the Fourth of July in the US. There have been a lot of fireworks going off in the neighborhood. One one hand they are fun to watch, but the noise bothers the kitties. How are you all doing this week?

This Week in Life

There has been some weather excitement in my area. There was a tornado touchdown in the county next to mine. We have had a lot of rain and some gorgeous lightning. I could do without the thunder, but the light show is amazing. We are expecting thunderstorms every day this week, so hopefully we get more rain. We really need it.

I took a big step this week, and signed up for a bookkeeping class. I have been contemplating trying to learn some new skills so I took the plunge. With my anxiety and my bipolar symptoms, I am not able to work outside my home. So, I thought learning something new would be fun and maybe help me find a remote job. Of course, with my literature and history background, the obvious career choice would be something literary, but I have no confidence in myself to work in editing or professional writing. So, I thought that maybe doing a job with a math base, I might feel a bit more confident in my ability to do a good job.

I saw the doctor about my breathing on Tuesday. He offered to send me for testing and an inhaler, but inhalers haven’t worked for me in the past, so I decided not to go for that. I’ve had the breath testing several times before and the results always show that my breathing is normal. The doctor thinks my problems may be related to my anxiety and suggested that I should talk it over with my psychiatrist. It might be time to change my anxiety medication some. But, in good news, I lost 6 more pounds since my appointment in May. It isn’t a lot, but I didn’t exercise at all since that appointment so I am still pleased with the results. I’ve now gone back to walking and hopefully, I will get some better results in July.

This Week in Blogging

It has been a much better week for the blog this week. I had eight posts including six reviews, a spotlight post, and one meme. I missed most of my weekly memes, but I am pleased with how things went. The books were also much better this week. I had several 5 star reviews which makes me very happy.

My NetGalley stats are better this week as well. I didn’t request any books at all, nor was I approved for any more. I posted reviews for two books on my shelf. I am left with 29 books to read. My feedback ratio is at 56%, so I am getting closer to that coveted 80% which makes me very happy. I don’t have any NetGalley’s on the schedule for the upcoming week, so there won’t be any changes coming next week.

I just read back through last week’s round up and realized that I was supposed to write some original stories to share with you and I completely forgot. I will try to add a few 55 word stories to the blog over the next week.

It’s time to share the links to all the blog posts this week. I hope you find something interesting.

This Week in Yarn

I worked on joining all the squares for dad’s sand dollar blanket, but I’m still not quite finished. promise to share the blanket with you all next week. It will be done!

I also decided that I want to get back into cross stitching. I purchased a few patterns that I hope to get to sometime soon. The first thing I have to do is find my supplies. I know they are in the garage somewhere, but just where is unknown.

I am going to work on some bee coasters today. I found a cute pattern made with felt. I have a ton of the stuff, and I know where it is, so I am going to make a set of four coasters with a bee on them.. I adore bees! I will share these with you next week as well.

Once again, I have some recent projects to share with you, since I didn’t complete anything this week.

This Week in Bookmail

I received three books this week. They are all so pretty, and I am so excited to get into them.

John Hazen sent me his novel The Correction, about a man who can change the future by traveling into the past.

John Eyre was sent to me by the publisher for an Austenprose Book Tour that is coming up in a few weeks. This is a spooky retelling of the classic Jane Eyre.

Jennifer Ann Shore provided her newest book Perfect Little Flaws. I loved the last one so much that I never wanted it to end. When I told Jennifer about it she told me that some of my favorites from The Stillness of the Start are in this new book. I will be reading it very soon.

That’s it from my week. How did you all fare? Have you read anything good? How is the weather in your area? Tell me what’s happening in your part of the world.

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  1. Bookkeeping! I am impressed by your courage. I am also in awe of all the work you do on your blog.

  2. I enjoy thunderstorms love looking at the lightning as well. I used to live in tornado country (southern Illinois), so I’m glad not to be around them anymore. Love those bookmarks!

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