It’s Sunday again, and it is Father’s Day here in the US. I want to take a minute to wish all the fathers out there a very Happy Father’s Day. I want my own father to know that he makes my world complete. It hasn’t always been easy, nor has it been a lot of fun, but we made it through and I’m happy we did. Happy Father’s Day dad.

This Week in Life

I think this is going to be a pretty boring Sunday Wrap-Up this week. Not a whole lot happened in my little area of the world. A tornado touched down just to the south of my city, and my hometown is flooded beyond reason. But, here in the Fort, things have been rather tame. Though, we did have some rain yesterday morning, which brought out all the birds. It was nice seeing them all out at the feeder the last two days.

I’ve had a hard week with my breathing. It seems no matter how hard I try, I can’t take in a good deep breath. This is all the time, even at rest, so no walking was done this week. I didn’t even do my strength training because of it. I see the doctor on Tuesday, and I hope he has some feedback about why I feel this way.

This Week in Blogging

There were only four posts on the blog this week. After the overwhelming week I had last week and not being able to breathe this week, the poor blog got left behind. I did manage to get in two memes this week, but the reading front wasn’t great. I had two 3 star reads in a row. They weren’t awful, but not fantastic either. Though, I do have a 5 star review coming up later today.

My NetGalley shelf is the same as last week. I didn’t read any, nor was I approved for any. So, I still have 31 books on my shelf. Though, I have two scheduled to review this week. I know I will get to one of them as it is for a tour, but the other one is a bit iffy.

I am planning to bring back some original stories to the blog this week. I am going to work on a few different things, but with hope, I will get them shared with you all.

In case you missed them, here are the posts from last week.

This Week in Yarn

Well friends, I’ve done it! I have completed all of the squares for dad’s sand dollar blanket. I need to sew them all together and get the borders on, but the end is in sight! I hope to have a picture of the finished blanket to share with you next week.

Unfortunately, there was no other crafting done this week. So, I am going to share a couple of old pics again.

This Week in Bookmail

No bookmail this week. Though, I do have packages coming tomorrow, so hopefully, I will have some to share with you next week.

And that is all from my boring week. How did your week go?

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your breathing. I hope you figure something out with your doctor ?
    That’s some lovely yarn work. Looking forward to seeing more!
    Please take good care of yourself ?

  2. I sure hope your breathing gets better soon. I hope the dr can figure out something that will help. Feel better soon.

    1. Awww, thank you. I’m glad you are here. ? It is definitely humid which doesn’t help. I get spells like this occasionally in all weathers. It has been this way since I had pneumonia 8 years ago. I have no idea if it’s related, but it does feel similar in regard to the difficulty breathing.

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