It is Sunday once again. I don’t know when the weeks started getting shorter, but there doesn’t seem to be as much time in the day as there used to be. Anyone else feel this way? It’s been a bit of an overwhelming week, so I hope this wrap-up isn’t too emotional. Let’s get started.

This Week in Life

Our weather has been HOT! The sun shined most days which made it hotter than Hades in my little part of the world. I think we may have had rain one day, but I can’t really remember. All I know is that it has been very hot. Of course, this was a week when I had to be out a lot doing errands and such, and there is no air conditioning in the old mini van. That makes for some very uncomfortable errand running. But alas, when I am home I can sit in my favorite spot and watch the sun shine through the windows.

We have had a lot of the woodland critters coming by this week. The groundhog made an appearance several times this week. Our chipmunk duo is back and up to their old antics. They run along the patio and give the kitties a run for their money. They are incredibly cute. We haven’t seen much out of the squirrels though. We have one clever guy who climbs to the top of the birdfeeder and hangs upside down while eating the bird’s food. Though, it is hard to be angry at him because he is very entertaining. We’ve had a couple of baby bunnies out eating the clover in the backyard. We also haven’t seen much out of the birds either. My guess is it’s because their feeder has been empty for over a week and the birds and squirrels gave up on us. Hopefully, they will be back this week.

I lost two more pounds this week. I have been quite lax on my exercise, and ate takeout a couple of times. So, I am pleased that I am still down a couple of pounds. It has been exciting to go into the closet and find new things to wear. I am wearing pants and shirts that haven’t fit me in six years. I continue to notice small changes in the way my body looks to me, and that is exciting too.

My son got a new job! he will be working full time with benefits to boot. He is feeling a little anxious about it, as he has only ever worked part time before. But, I think he will be brilliant. Also, I’m not sure if any of you know, but he is on the autism spectrum. So, these wins are a big deal in our family.

I introduce you to Ballsy Squirrel.

This Week in Blogging

I had seven blog posts this week. They are all reviews as I missed every weekly meme. I had 6 tour books and one author request. Overall, it was a fantastic week of reading. I didn’t get a bad one in the bunch. I am a little upset with myself about missing the memes, but, like I said, it was an overwhelming week.

My NetGalley queue stayed the same this week. I read one and was approved for one, so I am still at 31 books on my shelf. Three of them are audiobooks, while the other 28 are digital books. I met my goal from last week and didn’t request any more. Yay for a small win.

If you missed any posts, here are the reviews I posted this week:

This Week in Yarn

It was a slow week on the crafting front. I managed to crochet up another sand dollar square but that’s it. However, I only have one more to go now! Yay! I hope to get the whole blanket finished in the next week, maybe two.

I have no other plans for crafting for the week ahead, but I might be able to squeeze something in.

I will share a few projects from earlier this year instead. The first is Bunnadete the tea cozy, and the other is a floral bookmark.

This Week in Bookmail

This week, I was lucky enough to receive my prize for winning a giveaway hosted by the lovely Melissa from Chick Lit Central that included a copy of Don’t Make Me Turn This Life Around by Camille Pagán and a personalized bookmark from Shauna at Shauna B Creations.

And that is all for this week friends. I will see you all next week.

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