It is time for another Sunday Wrap-Up. I don’t know where the time goes, but I do know that there isn’t nearly enough of it. There are so many things I want to do, but there isn’t enough time to do everything. Do you ever feel that way?

This Week in Life

Last week I started off with the weather, and I am going to again this week. Our weather has been the exact opposite of last week’s warm and sunny days. This week it has been cold and rainy. The temperatures were down in the low 40’s (F) throughout the week, and this morning we had to turn the heat back on. I miss the days when Memorial Day weekend (US Holiday) meant the unofficial start of summer.

My weight loss is on track. I lost one pound last week, but that brings me to 18 pounds lost in 6 weeks. The doctor was very happy with that, but I expect that to slow down a bit. The tummy trouble that had me so exhausted and run down was the cause of one of my long-time medicines. He had me stop the medicine and my tummy has been happy ever since. I am back to walking, and trying to get two 10 minute sessions in a day. My poor lungs can’t take more than that at a time. The strength training is still going well. I added in a new exercise this week that targets the abdominals, so I hope that helps. Unfortunately, this means a raise in my blood sugar which is a bit scary.

I had my appointment with the dietician this week as well. I spent nearly an hour and a half with her. We went over a lot about how I can eat properly without having to cook much, or spend much time in the kitchen. I hate to cook so much that I would rather clean toilets in the bus station than be anywhere near the kitchen. We also talked about how to eat on a budget, which was very helpful when I did the grocery shopping.

Today is my son’s birthday. He is 24! I have no idea how this happened. Yesterday he was 6. In my mind, I will forever be 18 years old, so I can’t possible have a 24-year-old son. Right?

This Week in Blogging

I had 7 posts this week, including the one that I posted in the middle of the night. There were 3 reviews and 4 memes. I also has the distinct pleasure of being Blog of the Day by The Write Reads on Wednesday, the 26th.

My NetGalley shelf increased again this week. I only turned in one review, but added 3 more. My total shelf contents are 29. Four of the books are tour books (I miscounted last week).

For quick reference, here are my posts from the week.

This Week in Yarn

I finished two more sand dollar squares this week. That means there are only three left to go! Yay! I hope that by next week to have them all complete. I would be thrilled if I could have the whole blanket finished and ready to send off to its new home by Father’s Day, though that may be a little ambitious. I won’t show a picture until the whole blanket is complete as pictures of the individual squares all look the same.

I worked a little bit more on the kitty blanket while still listening to The Paris Dressmaker. I have less than an hour to go in the book, but the blanket will take quite a bit longer than that. I was hoping to have it finished tomorrow, but that won’t happen.

Picture of the partially finished kitty blanket.

I am going to make a flowery bookmark tomorrow as I have a cute one I want to put together for Mother’s Day. Though, it will be for my own Mother’s Day gift because my momma doesn’t read books anymore. She is a solid audiobook fan. I will get a picture of the bookmark for next week.

Not yarn related, but I need to send out some greeting cards in the next few weeks, so I am going to be working on making a few cards. I love card making but it isn’t something I get to do very often, so I am excited to get the pretty papers and the glue sticks out again.

This Week in Bookmail

I received three books this week. I was really surprised to receive a hardback copy of Mirrorland by Carole Johnstone for a The Write Reads Ultimate Blog Tour. I also got the second novel in the Sweet Water Circle series, Jenn Reinvented by Grayson Avery. The first book was so hilarious, I am excited to get into this one. It is for a Rachel’s Random Resources tour. The third book to come was Search For The House of Dreams by Alison Burke. This one is also a tour for Rachel.

I don’t want to forget last week’s bookmail that I didn’t get a picture of. It’s called George the Crow and the Creatures From Blossom Valley by Helen Fox.

And that wraps up another Sunday bookish friends. I hope you enjoy my ramblings each week.

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  1. I discovered that we have something in common. Our sons are almost the same age. Mine is 25 and a “work in progress” or as my mother once described the experience of having children “a trembling joy.” Meanwhile, I hope you are taking care of yourself and your stomach and your lungs won’t trouble you too much. All the more, thank you for your detailed and very thoughtful reviews. Be well! Malve

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