The Sunday Wrap-Up was a hit last week, so I am back this week with another update of how things have gone over the last week.

This Week in Life

This has been a good week. We have had warm temperatures and sunny days most of the week. Though, having to drive makes me wish the old mini van’s air conditioning worked. It was downright miserable waiting for grocery pick up in the hot 85 degree (Fahrenheit) sun for 45 minutes. But, even with the grumbling, I would still rather have beautiful sunny days over grey cold ones.

My weight loss is back on track. After having gained 2 pounds last week, I lost 5 this week. So, even with the gain, I am still down 3 more pounds. It is really exciting to go in and see that scale tip down each time. So, I am down 17 pounds total from when I started. Yay!

I still didn’t exercise as much as I should have. I have been keeping up with the strength training exercises, but I haven’t been out to walk in several days. I see the doctor on Tuesday. He won’t be happy about my lack of exercise, but I do have a good excuse for it. My tummy has not been nice to me, so hopefully when I explain he might be able to help.

Youngest kiddo got her second COVID shot on Thursday. She was having some intense side effects for a few days, but she is all better today.

This Week in Blogging

I had 9 posts again this week. There were 6 reviews and 3 memes. Sometime soon I will have a post up where I talk about how I keep my blogging life organized with Asana.

I managed to knock out 2 NetGalley selections this week, but I added 3 more. So, I am still running a lot higher in my NetGalley total than I would like. I currently have 27 books on my shelf, and only 3 of those are for upcoming blog tours.

For quick reference, here is the list:

This Week in Yarn

This was a bad week for yarn projects. I haven’t worked on any sand dollar squares this week. I have done a few rows on a kitty blanket that I started at the beginning of the month. It is really cute and the yarn was bought for me by my late aunt. I only had the one skein though, so there wasn’t much I could do with it by itself, so I decided to make a small blanket for the kitty babies to lay on while on the couch.

I did finish a loom knit square while listening to The Paris Dressmaker. These squares are going to be part of a large blanket for me. The squares are gold and grey, and look quite handsome together. I hope to have it finished by the end of the year. It takes over 80 squares!

This Week in Bookmail

I received the sweetest book this week from Helen Fox. It is a middle grade novel called George the Orphan Crow and Creatures of Blossom Valley. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken a picture of it yet, but I promise to include it next week.

That’s another Sunday gone for me friends. I hope you enjoyed today’s wrap-up post.

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  1. You’re doing a great job with the weight loss!
    What is Asana? Might keep my eye out for that post x)
    We need yarn project pics \o/

    1. Thank you lovely! Asana is an online project tracking setup with calendars and such. You can check it out at I promise to get yarn pics up next week. ?

        1. I think I might get started on the Asana post tonight so I can get it up this week. It’s very useful even though I think the paid version might be even more so.

          I love my yarn and I even got some new yarn this afternoon after my post was made so I’ll include it next week. ?

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