• Title: The Walls of Rome
  • Author: Robert M Kidd
  • Publisher: Self Published on November 13, 2020
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Pages: 419
  • Available Formats: Paperback & Digital Editions
  • Rating: 4/5

Trigger Warnings: Murder, War, Slavery

Many thanks to Robert M Kidd for providing me with a paperback copy of The Walls of Rome with a request for an honest review.

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The Walls of Rome Blurb

218 BC. Sphax is seventeen and haunted by the brutal murder of his parents at the hands of Rome. After ten years of miserable slavery he will make his last bid for freedom and go in search of Hannibal’s army and his birthright. He will have his revenge on the stinking cesspit that is Rome!

Destiny will see him taken under the wing of Maharbal, Hannibal’s brilliant general, and groomed to lead the finest horsemen in the world – the feared Numidian cavalry that would become the scourge of Rome.

From the crossing of the great Rhodanus River, Sphax’s epic journey takes him through the lands of the Gaul to the highest pass in the Alps. This is the story of the most famous march in history. A march against impossible odds, against savage mountain Gauls, a brutal winter and Sphax’s own demons. 

This is more than a struggle for empire. This is the last great war to save the beauty of the old world, the civilized world of Carthage, Greece and Gaul. The world of art and philosophy – before it is ground into dust by the upstart barbarity of Rome. 

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My Review

My love of history comes to life with Robert Kidd’s novel, The Walls of Rome. I’m not as familiar with the Carthage/Roman conflict as I am with other eras. So, when the opportunity came along to read this book, I jumped at the chance. Sphax’s story enthralled me.

In this first volume of the Histories of Sphax series, we follow Sphax on his way from Roman slave to Numidian warrior. Sphax became a slave after the murder of his parents. When the opportunity for escape reached him, Sphax took a chance and ran away. His vision was to get to Hanibal’s army to join in the fight to defeat Rome. Sphax makes his way and connects with one of Hanibal’s great generals. After meeting General Maharbal, Sphax trains to be a warrior and leader of men.

Kidd speaks of the travesty that historians failed to tell us about the Carthaginian wars, and I agree. The immense research that went into this book is extraordinary. There is nothing more that I love than learning about history. And Kidd gives us something special that doesn’t get a lot of attention. Though, I will say that there is a lot of information to glean from this volume.

I admit to getting a little bored at times because it felt like a recurring theme of moving camp, skirmish, talk around the pavilion, and then doing it all over again. But, through it all, there was action and adventure that kept me going. I especially loved the part where the army crossed the Rhudanian River with the herd of elephants. Apart from Sphax falling in love with Fionn, the elephants were my favorite part.

I look forward to more of Sphax’s adventures as they come. I am happy to award The Walls of Rome 4 out of 5 stars. If you have a deep love of ancient history, you should pick up this book. It does a great job of telling the tale that you likely haven’t heard before.

About the Author – Robert M Kidd

When Cato the Censor demanded that ‘Carthage must be destroyed,’ Rome did just that. In 146 BC, after a three year siege, Carthage was raised to the ground, its surviving citizens sold into slavery and the fields where this once magnificent city had stood, ploughed by oxen. Carthage was erased from history.

That’s why I’m a novelist on a mission! I want to set the historical record straight. Our entire history of Hannibal’s wars with Rome is nothing short of propaganda, written by Greeks and Romans for their Roman clients. It intrigues me that Hannibal took two Greek scholars and historians with him on campaign, yet their histories of Rome’s deadliest war have never seen the light of day. 

My hero, Sphax the Numidian, tells a different story!

When I’m not waging war with my pen, I like to indulge my passion for travel and hill walking, and like my hero, I too love horses. I live in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

Author’s Contact Links: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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