• Title: The City That Barks and Roars
  • Author: J.T. Bird
  • Publisher: Self Published on August 1, 2020
  • Genre: Animal Noir
  • Pages: 196
  • Format: Hardback, Paperback, Digital
  • Rating: 4/5

Many thanks to Emma from Damppebbles Blog Tours and J.T Bird for gifting me a free copy of The City That Barks and Roars in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Trigger Warnings: Violence, Murder, Kidnapping

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The City That Barks and Roars Book Blurb

Animals rule the world. They hit cafes for breakfast then nine to five at the office, and fritter away evenings at jazz clubs. But paradise is still a distant dream, for there are devils amongst the angels.

Lucas Panda is missing; clues on the riverbank suggest he was probably kidnapped. Enter Frank. Who else you gonna call? Hard-boiled penguin and the finest detective in town. And meet his new partner, Detective Chico Monkey – yeah, the wisecrackin’ kid with all the snappy suits.

But the stakes have been raised; three more creatures are missing and the citizens of Noah’s
Kingdom are faced with possible extinction. Can the grouchy bird and plucky young ape save the city from doom? Or, will evil prevail and escape the claws of justice?

Blurb provided by J.T. Bird

My Review

The City That Barks and Roars is one of those books that you don’t know you need until you read it. Never in a million years would I have thought a book about humanized animals would be a great read, but this one is.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and it was fun to read. The story is funny yet gritty at the same time. There is a lot of action too. This book came wrapped in a pretty bow just for me, and I had to open it.

The crazy thing is that J.T. Bird writes these characters in a way that it isn’t a joke. You can actually envision these animals as real people. But, to be honest, they are much more interesting.

I recommend this book for anyone who needs something good and fun in their lives. I am thrilled to award The City That Barks and Roars 5 out of 5 stars!

About the Author

J T Bird is an award-winning stand-up comedian from North London, where he lives with his wife and
child. His humble abode sits neatly between the former homes of HG Wells and Robert Louis Stevenson…so there’s no pressure to write something utterly successful and wonderful. He runs a comedy show for fresh new acts but has taken a break from performing to focus on writing novels – because it’s much more relaxing, and there’s far less chance of being heckled or struck by a bar stool.

Find J.T. Bird here: Twitter | Facebook | Website | BookBub

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