Shad delivers another hit with this fourth installment of his Divine Comedy series. Necessarily Evil: Infection is equal parts entertaining and gore. We get to see new sides of our favorite characters and new acts of evil by our not so favorite characters. But, I will say that the many levels of villainy and disgust that Infection brings us are fascinating.

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  • Title: Necessarily Evil: Infection (Book 4 of the Divine Comedy series)
  • Author: Shad Nemo Freud
  • Publisher: Self Published on November 1, 2020
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Pages: 282
  • Format: eARC
  • Rating: 5/5

Many thanks to Shad Nemo Freud for providing me with a free copy of Necessarily Evil: Infection in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own

Trigger Warnings: Violence, Murder, War

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Synopsis of Necessarily Evil: Infection

Cardinal Cenere Brown would come to regret answering the call to the Cardinal’s college to elect the new Pope. Party because his elevation to Unholy Father, partly because of the fact that his easily angered bride most certainly did not approve of his promotion…and largely because a plague spread across the globe on his watch, infecting millions. A disease not of bacteria or viruses…but of corrupted nanotech. The Reaper “virus”. A pestilence spread by bodily fluids that could and did infect anyone not connected of the Satanic faith. But, if Cenere’s troubles were great, they were far worse for the Olympian and Norse pantheons, as the Demon Princes Malak and Kali continued their horrid crusade to attain godhood. War on the Pantheons, carried out by the depraved hordes of the Abyss…with a little help from the last Scion of the McGillicutty Corporation.Between the Reaper and the Polipantheonic war, the multiverse will be awash in blood, misery, and death…and some of the greatest heroes shall fall.

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My Review

The last book, Necessarily Evil: Conspiracy, left us with an assassination at a wedding. This brings a new job title for Cenere that he is none too happy about. He much prefers fieldwork. But, the job needs him and his skills, so he accepts.

Unfortunately, Cenere gets no on-the-job training. Instead, he jumps headfirst into the most disgusting scenario. Undead are everywhere, and they are infecting anyone who is not a member of the Satanic Church. To which I must add, the death of those infected is not pleasant.

But, the infection is a front so that Malak and Kali can take control of all planes of existence. They call an all-out war on the Olympian and Norse gods on their quest to become gods themselves. Everything we learned from legend makes us believe the mythical gods are infallible.  But, Shad tells us a different story.

My favorite part of this volume is the addition of Tenebra, who has a strange connection to our good friend Carl. I also enjoyed meeting Parsons and his lady friend.

I must tell you that I spent much of my time reading with my nose curled up in disgust. But, through all the undead and the vulgar amount of ichor, the novel is heartfelt. It reminds us of why we love these characters. I will also admit that I shed many tears when some of my beloveds moved on to the next life.

I am happy to award Necessarily Evil: Infection a full 5 out of 5 stars. The story is a perfect addition to the series. I encourage anyone who loves a good fantasy novel to give this series a read. 

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