Our Purpose by Taryn I. Palacios is a powerful children’s book that answers kid’s questions about God. While written for children, it has a powerful message that can speak to all audiences.

  • Title: Our Purpose
  • Author: Taryn I. Palacios
  • Illustrated By: Karine Makartichan
  • Publisher: Westbow Press
  • Genre: Children’s/Religious
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 36
  • Rating: 5/5
Our Purpose

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Quote from Taryn I. Palacios

“This story with it’s easy to understand message is a must-have for individuals hoping to shape small souls for the Lord in these uncertain times.”

Our Purpose Book Cover

My Review

Our Purpose’s target audience is children, but after reading this story, I came out of it with my sense of God’s purpose in my life. I have been struggling with my religion, and this book came at the perfect time.

Having struggled with religion most of my adult life. I was an avid churchgoer in my youth, but as my family is not religious, those visits lessened as I got older.

For the most part, I consider myself agnostic, but I always have had a desire to believe that there is a God and that he is looking over my family and me. This book revived my desire and gave me something that I haven’t had in a long time…hope

In these troubled times, we can all do with a dose of hope. Taryn did an excellent job of describing how God influences our lives in a way that makes you feel loved and appreciated.

I will freely admit that I was in tears throughout the book, but then I felt an odd kinship to the little girl and the grandmother as it reminded me of my grandmother. The fact that the grandma did something sneaky was comforting to me in a book that could otherwise be too preachy.

I urge everyone to read this book to your children. I will be purchasing a copy for every expectant mother who comes my way.

Thank you to Taryn for providing me with a copy of Our Purpose in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author

Taryn I Palacios - Author of Our Purpose
Taryn I. Palacios

As a 23-year public school educator of middle and high school-aged students, I am witness to the need for God in our children’s lives. So many children are lost and confused and don’t have the knowledge of, or relationship with God. The One who will always be there with them through thick and thin. The One who will carry and comfort them through all of life’s struggles, disappointments, and hardships.

I am a mother of two pre-teenagers who are now questioning their faith more, which by the way is perfectly normal. My book, Our Purpose, was written with God’s inspiration to provide parents with scripture-based answers to some pretty tough questions.

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