In The Weighing of the Heart, Paul Tudor Owen has given us a great gift. The way he brings art into the story is nothing short of brilliant.

The Weighing of the Heart Cover Image
  • Title: The Weighing of the Heart
  • Author: Paul Tudor Owen
  • Publisher: Obliterati Press on March 22, 2019
  • Genre: Crime Thriller
  • Pages: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rating: 5/5

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Synopsis from Goodreads:

Following a sudden break-up, Englishman in New York Nick Braeburn takes a room with the elderly Peacock sisters in their lavish Upper East Side apartment and finds himself increasingly drawn to the priceless piece of Egyptian art on their study wall – and to Lydia, the beautiful Portuguese artist who lives across the roof garden.

But as Nick draws Lydia into a crime he hopes will bring them together, they both begin to unravel, and each finds that the other is not quite who they seem.

Paul Tudor Owen’s intriguing debut novel brilliantly evokes the New York of Paul Auster and Joseph O’Neill.


My Review of The Weighing of the Heart:

This tale starts out innocently enough. We are introduced to a seemingly ordinary guy who is going through a breakup and lands on his friend’s couch when lady luck smiled down on him. Then, BAM! The hammer falls, not only on the plot but on the reader as well.

There are tiny hints sprinkled throughout the novel about Nick, the main character. However, when the sprinkling was finished, the story began to pour out the truth. I was knocked on my figurative butt hard enough to leave a huge bruise.

The Weighing of the Heart is a phenomenal and intelligent story worth reading over and over. I award this novel a full 5 out of 5 stars, and I urge all readers to give this subtle, yet powerful book a look.

About the Author, Paul T. Owen:

Paul T. Owen Author Head Shot

Paul Tudor Owen was born in Manchester in 1978, and was educated at the University of Sheffield, the University of Pittsburgh, and the London School of Economics.

He began his career as a local newspaper reporter in north-west London, and currently works at the Guardian, where he spent three years as deputy head of US news at the paper’s New York office.

His debut novel, The Weighing of the Heart, was shortlisted for the People’s Book Prize 2019 and longlisted for Not the Booker Prize 2019.

Paul Tudor Owen | Twitter | Instagram

Thank you to Paul Tudor Owen for gifting me with a copy of The Weighing of the Heart in exchange for an honest review. I would also like to thank Shannon of R&R Book Tours for introducing me to this author’s work.

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