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Something to Tell You follows the two families of Bert Leinster and his best friend Sam Murray, as the earth comes under bombardment by a Higgs Boson particle storm. The Central Control of the
World council insists that survival depends on living underground, protected by The Envelope. As
CCOW persuades humankind to hide in the Deeps, Bert cannot challenge CCOW nor comprehend why people cannot see the truth behind the lies.
Everything changes when he meets Her. Lily, a plant who becomes his enemy in the battle to save humankind, to save you… although 99.9% of you is empty space. Do you deserve saving?

My Review of Something to Tell You:

David Edwards has delivered a spectacularly bizarre tale in Something to Tell You. This is my first foray into speculative fiction, and Edwards has given me the perfect vehicle for my first ride.

The idea of good versus evil concerning scientific breakthroughs is something that I never considered. Add to that the talking plant life. I will admit that I was thoroughly confused throughout the entire novel.

However, I still enjoyed the book for the style as well as the opportunity to visit a new genre. The story is fresh and vibrant. I felt as if I were in Bert’s gardens as he stooped to pick the dead heads off the plants.

The characters were real, and the dialogue was fantastic. The Swiss backdrop was also a favorite. Though, I was appalled by the government forces. There was too much realism there, and it was a bit scary.

I award Something to Tell You 4 out of 5 stars for the genius writing and great story. I urge anyone who is looking to branch out in their genre desires to read this book.

About David Edwards:

David Edwards previously published two anti-romance books under the pseudonym of Jack George
Edmunson. He then published the historical novel, The Ebb & Flow, before moving over to children’s
fiction with The Black Hand Gang. He currently lives in Switzerland. For more information

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Published in hardcover and ebook formats by Troubadour Publishing in May 2019.

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