• Title: Picasso’s Revenge
  • Authors: Ray Foulk and Caroline Foulk
  • Genre: Mystery/Thriller
  • Publisher: Medina Publishing
  • Format: ARC
  • Rating: 5/5 Stars

Synopsis of Picasso’s Revenge:

In the early 1920s, immaculate gentleman, Jacques Doucet descends into the world of anarchist art, the occult and the dark turmoil of his past – involving the death of his beloved Madame R.

A disastrous journey leads the couturier and patron of the arts to confront the celebrated bohemians of the city, including Max Jacob, Andre Breton, and Pablo Picasso. When troubled Doucet acquires the world’s most dangerous painting, it causes him to hack at the root of Picasso’s darkest secrets. Doucet showcases a fabulous art collection with such frenzied energy he destroys himself. Unwittingly in the process, he discovers modern art’s incredible genesis.

My Review of Picasso’s Revenge:

Picasso’s Revenge authored by Ray Foulk and Caroline Foulk is a mystery novel based on true events of the Modern Art movement, in particular, Cubism and its founder, Pablo Picasso.

The authors write about every type of artwork imaginable, from furniture to rugs, to sculpture, to paintings, but focuses, mainly, on one painting in particular by Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. The painting is at once beautiful as well as so shocking that the Paris élite cannot stand to gaze upon its vulgarity. The mystery surrounds the meaning of the painting and weaves through the lives of Jacques Doucet, famous couturier and art collector, Pablo Picasso, artist, and any person, living or dead, whoever had a relationship with either of them. The intertwined paths of these men lead the reader to all manners of confusion about the meaning of the work of art, but it takes a dying man in a fit of madness to finally, conquer the secret inside the painting.

This book is a rare diamond found in a gold mine.

The history is so rich and told in a way that there is so much a reader can learn from its pages. The characters are real people and this adds to the mysticism of the novel. Explained exquisitely, the setting brings Paris to life. The descriptions of the artwork give the reader the feeling as though they are right in front of the works, taking in the glory of every brush stroke and feeling the cool marble of the sculptures. The plot is exciting as well as adventurous. An avid lover of history or art will find much to love about this book.

My only complaint is that several of the chapters are too long. This is just a personal preference due to my strange need for instant gratification that comes from similar-sized chapters. However, this, in no way, detracts from the beauty nor the message of the novel. I could not have asked for a more wonderful story.

Consequently, I award this book 5 out of 5 stars. Lovers of the mystery genre will find this book much to their taste. History and art rule the day in this fantastic narrative. It was my pleasure to read and write a review of this magnificent work.

Many thanks to the authors for providing me with an ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Picasso's Revenge

Scheduled to be published in September of 2019.

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